Crop Top Crunch Time 2023

crop top crunch time [photo1]

Want Abs? Do this!

Our 2023 Crop Top Crunch Time (mini) Challenge is here! This is a FREE 14 day abs challenge you can do at-home...

May 2023

Lift & Tone Your Booty in 4 Weeks

grow your booty
Get ready to wake up your glutes! The 2022 Booty Challenge is going to help you lift, tone, and build your best butt in 3 weeks. We start September 26th!
We'll be working out dai...

Sep 2022

Learn to Handstand. Learn to Love.

I am currently midway through the final week of the online course 6 Weeks to Handstand with Kyle Weiger. During the past few weeks I have felt new areas of my body 'wake up' and strengthen. I am slowl...

Oct 2018

Seeking Shanti in Spain

My love of the ocean, combined with my obsession with travel and yoga, means I am constantly thinking of ways I can combine all three. For a long time I have played with the idea of teaching at a surf...

Jul 2015